Points 1 to 3 of the Irina Druzhinina (Nanjing University) project


The first payment for the work within the scope of agreed project.

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The work for the following part of the project was completed:

Thichoderma.info as an informative website of the non-profit international organization without identification tools but with an option to present a long list of species. The initial offer based on a WP template – 500 EURO.

A repair of Trichomark, Trichoblast, and Trichokey on isth.tucim.com without reprogramming and updates. ISD will provide new text explaining the limiting usability and an outdated database of these tools. The initial offer – 300 EURO paid privately (can be paid through https://www.fiverr.com/) Points 1 and 2 are partially completed and also partially funded. ISD confirms the due payments.

Custom design of a small website dedicated to the Trichoderma identification tools at trichokey.com (the agreed upon price was 1800 Euro)